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Study with us because:

We draw on our global presence to enhance business and management knowledge while offering a unique insight into Asian business growth and development.

Business Management

All courses in Business School involve the study of organisations, their management and the changing external environment in which they operate. While the exact blend of subjects studied depends on the particular courses, each degree prepares you for a career in business and management and allows you to develop skills in qualitative and quantitative analysis, critical thinking, oral and written presentation, information technology and group working.

How will I study?

Our programs enable you to either opt for a broad-based management subjects or to specialise in a particular aspect of management studies. All programs have been carefully designed to allow you to acquire the fundamentals of management and the most recent trends in business thinking.
Combining studies in accounting, economics, finance, management and marketing, the interdisciplinary nature of our courses will provide you with the competitive edge to pursue a career in any line of business.

Internship Program

You will be expected to participate in internship program during final year study. The Program also provides a great way to identify top career prospects.

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